Where it all began…

Our family story is the same as that of many of our franchise owners from a simple start in 1998 on our kitchen table:

We wanted to run a successful business that would allow us to have flexibility in our lives, be family- friendly and one that we really enjoyed and believed in.

We wanted to work for ourselves and reap the benefits

We wanted to deliver conveyancing services that are the best, not the biggest.

We came across the idea for X-Press Legal Services through a solicitor friend; we spent time training with him, honing our skills and researching the conveyancing search market.

Within 12 months, we had outgrown our home office and moved our small but busy enterprise into an office, this gave us the opportunity to expand the office team and X-Press went from strength to strength.

Within 5 years, we realised we had to make more changes if we were to keep pace with client and market expectations. The change was the decision to franchise the business. This played to Lynne’s strengths and her expertise as the editor of Business Franchise Magazine for over ten years, and Dave’s extensive experience of business management and finance.

Our business has vastly expanded, but even now over 20 years on still retains the values of a family-run operation. And it’s because we understand franchising and how to set up a successful business that we are able to help franchise owners to grow a great business for themselves.