X-Press solutions for conveyancers

We provide solicitors and conveyancing professionals with a complete range of property searches and reports that comply with all of the relevant regulations. These form an essential part of the property-buying process throughout England and Wales.

Each report is produced, checked and delivered by our trained, qualified professionals.  Our personal approach means you can build a strong working relationship with the individual carrying out searches on your behalf and come to rely on them as a key part of your team.

We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible for you to deliver legal services to your clients, so we provide a choice of reports which you can choose according to your needs.  Our aim is to save you time and money and to help ensure your transaction completes with the minimum of fuss.

Our key services include

We are fully accredited and regulated in the provision of Regulated Local Authority Searches, formerly known as ‘personal searches’.  Not all search companies provide regulated ‘personal searches’.  Our searches are carried out only by fully trained, regulated and accredited people and are provided in a format that was designed with solicitors making them very user-friendly.  Our reports also include additional data that you won’t find in a council-produced search.

We can advise you on which lenders will accept ‘personal searches’ and provide a list of all lenders’ requirements with regard to their acceptance of searches.  This means you can drive value for your clients by ordering the right kind of search to fulfil the requirements of their lenders.

We have full Hiscox Professional Indemnity cover so you are fully protected if something goes wrong, as is the rest of the chain involved in the transaction.

We provide local authority searches and our systems are fully calibrated to all 368 local authorities in England and Wales, including those already converted to HMLR.

For our conveyancer clients, we know the local land charges conversion to HMLR has created additional work as you now have to order two separate datasets, cross-match the data and call the provider with any queries/errors.  If you choose to order a local authority search through X-Press Legal Services, we will cross-match the two datasets you now have to order (the LLC from HMLR and the Con29r from the Local Authority), handle any queries or errors and then send the searches to you, saving you a significant amount of additional time and trouble.

If you’re involved in the development of commercial property, this can be held up by slow and complex utility searches which can be both frustrating and costly.  Utility searches previously required individual contact with each utility provider and typically took 30-40 days.  We can now slash this time to as little as ten days with our new utility plant record search. 

The results are compiled into one logical, easy-to-read report which covers all the utilities affecting your client’s development.  You can order a search easily through our ICOS system and you or your client can choose how much to pay depending on how quickly you need the report.

HMRC has shortened the submission time for SDLT returns to 14 days from completion.  Second homes, transfers of equity and the Welsh Land Transaction (LTT) have added to the complexity of these returns.  We have therefore developed a unique SDLT ‘check and send’ service that makes returns simpler for conveyancers. 

This works in a similar way to the Post Office’s passport service.  When you send the forms, they go through our pre-submission checking system.  The calculations will be checked for errors and either returned to you with any issues highlighted or forwarded to HMRC. 

This ensures extremely high accuracy rates on SDLT returns and prevents overpayments.  It also eliminates the very long and time-consuming process of trying to claim back client monies from HMRC.  You can invoice this service as a disbursement and it can be easily ordered through our ICOS system.

Exclusively available at no charge to X-Press clients, QuotemePlus is a transformational new piece of case progression software developed by us to enable law firms to engage quickly, easily and securely with all stakeholders involved in a property transaction.  Our bespoke, cloud based, maintenance-free system also gives solicitors access to an estimate calculator which can be used as a desktop tool or integrated into a law firm’s own website to assist with compliance with SRA pricing transparency rules. 

It facilitates ease of conversion of prospects with its quotation tool and enables open, efficient and transparent case management with all parties in a transaction.  Put simply, it’s a great communication tool which saves time and vastly reduces the endless phone calls needed to manage a transaction!  It seamlessly integrates with various practice management systems including Redbrick, Hoowla and Proclaim Eclipse.  It is completely flexible so the user can choose which parts of the software they wish to use and how they use them.

This is an online ‘magazine’ of guides written by legal professionals in simple, jargon-free language. 

Clients of X-Press are given a free listing in ‘Find a Solicitor’ directory, and each article includes a linkback to the law firm’s website, so we’re helping you to market your law firm – the website has 10.5K unique visitors each month. To visit, Law Plain and Simple, click here.