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We’re committed to helping members of the public to have easier access to the information they need when buying or selling a property.  A little knowledge is a wonderful thing and can save you a lot of time, trouble and money.

We know the residential property sector inside out from 20 years of providing legal searches to solicitors buying and selling property on behalf of clients.  We have an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with property transactions and we wanted to put that knowledge to good use to protect consumers buying or selling property.

In the UK last year, over £400 million* was wasted on failed property transactions in England and Wales.  For the consumer, this could mean one in three people losing a significant amount of money in failed attempts to buy or sell their home and for some this could put an end to their residential sale or purchase for good.

To protect consumers, we’ve created a suite of Residential Abortive Transaction Insurance (RATI) policies. These are available to both buyers and sellers and give protection against failed property transactions.

With no excess, £1500 total cover and a 12 month expiry date, consumers are protected from losing money on conveyancing fees (including searches), lender’s arrangement fees and survey/valuation fees if their transaction fails.

For more information on the policies available, contact your local X-Press office.

Home Risk Reports aim to make you a better informed buyer or seller, by giving you easy, cost-effective access to the most up-to-date, detailed information about the property you’re buying or selling.  For buyers, this information is usually only available when it’s often too late, or too expensive, to change your mind.

We want to put homebuyers in the driving seat when making the biggest purchase of their lives, before they have spent any money on purchasing a property.

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Law Plain & Simple is the consumer champion when it comes to legal services.  Its aim is to make the general public better informed about the legal matters they are affected by and better protected from the legal risks they are exposed to.  We want to empower people to make good decisions about how to deal with their legal matters.

We believe that, for many, legal problems can be avoided or resolved by being better informed.  That’s why we established Law Plain & Simple five years ago.  Its ethos is to provide the public with free to access legal information written in plain, easy to understand language with no legalese.  We believe this helps alleviate any feelings of being daunted by the law or the legal profession, and gives the public a better understanding of the legal process.

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